Child Welfare

"Enhanced technology and processes promote positive outcomes for children and families.”

Landis Rossi, Principal Child Welfare Practice
Landis Rossi

Child Welfare

An integrated CCWIS-compliant Child Welfare solution that is adaptable to the changing priorities of the Child Welfare program is key to your modernization project. CSG’s consulting services assure your solution creates positive outcomes for the children and families you serve.

CSG'S Expertise in Action

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Modernizing Systems for Children and Families


The Illinois Framework project is a nine agency HHS collaboration established to create a modern, integrated service delivery system that improves interaction with residents, State staff, and contracted providers while eliminating inefficiencies and avoiding duplication of effort. CSG led multiple HHS Enterprise level initiatives, including a business and technology assessment for the Illinois Child Welfare Agency.

Child Welfare Program and Technology Assessment

CSG performed a Child Welfare Program and Technology Assessment including key business processes and the agency's case management, SACWIS, and data warehouse systems. CSG conducted site visits, interviewed child welfare staff, and analyzed agency business processes to identify opportunities for improving the program outcomes. The team developed a modernization roadmap and procurement strategy, and also planned and executed a master data management pilot to create a holistic view of a child.

Illinois is pursuing a vision of integrated service delivery to improving services to enhance the health and well-being of the children of their State. CSG is here to help.