Recent Publications

CSG is a national leader in helping state governments modernize critical program enterprises. Following are recent publications and presentations our experts have worked with industry leading organizations to develop.

Governing Q&A: A New Era for Child Support System Modernization
Landis Rossi, national Child Support Practice Lead at CSG Government Solutions, met with Governing to provide guidance to states aiming to enhance customer service and improve program performance through child support system modernization. Here she shares how to leverage advancements in technology and new federal guidance for your modernization project.

Governing Interview: Why IV&V Services are Essential for HHS Modernizations
In this Governing interview, Robin Dufresne, Director of Healthcare and Human Services for CSG Government Solutions, shares why independent oversight is vital for large-scale IT projects and how HHS agencies can best leverage Independent Verification and Validation services to improve the success of these initiatives.

Governing Q&A: Leading Your UI Program Through the Pandemic & Beyond
Drew Sutter, Unemployment Insurance Practice Lead at CSG Government Solutions, met with Governing to share how states can effectively navigate IT modernization to improve their UI programs, the types of solutions that can drive their transformation, and how to ensure states are best utilizing available funds and protecting their IT investments.

NCSEA Web Talk: Optimizing Your Child Support System Modernization
Hosted by the National Child Support Enforcement Association, CSG and state partners from Alaska, Indiana, Oregon, and South Dakota discussed strategic factors impacting child support agencies as they begin to modernize IT systems. Topics include the impacts of OCSE’s streamlined feasibility study, potential benefits and trade-offs of solution alternatives including transfer systems and replatforming/refactoring, and best practices and lessons learned from states in various stages of their child support system modernization projects. This event and the recording are limited to the public sector. Click here to request access

HIT Connect Presentation: Find a Comfortable Cyber Security Posture
This session was presented at the 2022 Healthcare IT Connect Summit. CSG and state speakers from Arizona, Massachusetts, and Mississippi discuss lessons learned and best practices for developing an effective cyber security posture and securing your SDLC. Topics include adapting to an ever-changing threat environment, methods to maximize the value of security assessment activities, and approaches to implement safeguards on the potential for production vulnerabilities. Click here to request access

HIT Connect Plenary Presentation: Developing Meaningful Outcomes for Modular Implementations
This session was presented at the 2022 Healthcare IT Connect Summit. CSG, CMS, and state speakers from Georgia and Kentucky discuss how these states develop outcomes specific to their project by module. Topics include how these outcomes are traced from the APD and initial planning processes and then are measured through design, development, and implementation and into operations. Click here to request access

Governing Interview: How PMO Services are Supporting Successful Program Modernization Projects
Professional project management and related services are essential to reduce business and operational risks when implementing new technologies and complex business systems. In this Governing interview, Michael Collisi, a Vice President in the Healthcare and Human Services Practice at CSG Government Solutions, shares why a PMO is valuable, how a PMO supports and complements state staff, and how to select and engage an effective PMO vendor.

Governing Q&A: Keeping up with Cybersecurity Threats Across Government Systems
In this Q&A, Dale Posont, a national client executive and cybersecurity expert at CSG Government Solutions, discusses flexible and proactive approaches for agencies adapting to an ever-changing cybersecurity threat environment.

Client Briefings

CSG's Client Briefings are developed within the CSG Centers of Excellence, incorporating research and our real-world experience to provide our clients with insights on important developments affecting state government programs. Click here to request access to these briefings.

Child Support: Optimizing Your Child Support System Modernization
Advancements in child support IT make now the right time to start planning for new technologies that offer enhanced customer service, provide better data for informed decision making, create opportunities to increase program performance and federal incentive payments, and most importantly, deliver the financial support that many children and families rely on every day. This document is published by CSG to provide our state partners with information to help formulate a strategy for the modernization of aging child support IT systems.

HHS: Streamlined Modular Certification
Streamlined Modular Certification (SMC) simplifies the certification process from the current MECL framework and focuses on whether the MMIS achieves the desired outcomes post-implementation. This document is published by CSG to provide our clients with an overview of the SMC process that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) outlined in guidance issued in 2022 and to explain what SMC will mean for states’ Medicaid systems modernization projects.

HHS: Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule
The Interoperability and Patient Access final rule issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) went into effect on June 20, 2020. CMS released the final rule with the goal of improving beneficiaries’ access to their healthcare data, leading to improved transparency, customer service, and outcomes. The rule aims to enhance care coordination by helping patients and their providers make more informed healthcare decisions. This document provides an overview of the rule and how it impacts state Medicaid programs.

HHS: Project Management Office (PMO) in a Modular Environment
The complexity of implementing modular technology underscores the need for disciplined portfolio, program, and project management and structured governance. A scalable PMO provides strategic coordination across multiple modular vendor projects, from pre-planning through implementation, stabilization, and certification. This document is published by CSG Government Solutions to provide an overview of the role of a Project Management Office (PMO) in modular Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) environments.

Unemployment Insurance: Organizational Change Management for Unemployment Insurance Programs
Applying Organizational Change Management can help UI programs navigate changes in systems, business processes, and organizational structure. State UI programs are currently addressing an unprecedented amount of change. Whether you’re navigating the impacts of the pandemic, such as historic claim volumes or changes in federal policy; implementing a new tax or benefits system; using SBR funds; or establishing a new organizational structure within the UI division – applying OCM is a best practice for all UI modernization efforts.

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