Enterprise HHS Architecture

A solid enterprise architecture provides the foundation for program efficiencies and interoperability.”

Dale Posont, Senior Principal, Enterprise HHS Architecture Center of Excellence
Dale Posont

Enterprise HHS Architecture

More families and children are in need of aid from multiple programs – adding to the complexity of delivering services. CSG helps you implement an enterprise HHS architecture that creates a governance structure and shared business, cultural, and technical environments for integrating multiple silos.

CSG'S Expertise in Action

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The Illinois Healthcare and Human Services Framework


The Illinois Framework Project is a nine agency collaboration to create a modern, integrated service delivery system that dramatically improves interaction with residents, State staff, and contracted providers while eliminating inefficiencies and avoiding duplication of effort. The project aims to meet the State’s goal of providing overarching governance and fiscal discipline to foster a “build once, use many” culture. Illinois sought assistance in developing a plan to integrate and modernize the various environments of the Framework agencies.

Enterprise Architecture by CSG

Illinois selected CSG to help build the foundation for this ambitious initiative. CSG provided in-depth research, analysis, planning, and management of the implementation effort. We established a robust enterprise architecture for the Framework, and a governance structure to guide the State’s transformation planning activities.

Our team leverages industry frameworks such as ACF-NHSIA and CMS-MITA and aligns with other federal initiatives such as ACA, NIEM, and OBHITA to establish uniformity and continuity.

Illinois is pursuing a vision of integrated service delivery that promotes program efficiencies and interoperability. CSG is there to help achieve that goal.

Human Services Modernization in Oregon


The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) is pursuing a multi-year effort to improve services delivery in its SNAP, TANF, Day Care, and Medicaid programs. The initiative implements online access to services and benefits, an enhanced case management system, and modernized DHS self-sufficiency systems. The project also implements process changes that improve caseworker productivity and effectiveness throughout the DHS field service system and Seniors and People with Disabilities offices. These new solutions support DHS staff in their mission to help all of Oregon’s people become independent, healthy, and safe.


One of Oregon’s strategies for accomplishing this challenging modernization effort is the adoption of a quality assurance (QA)/quality management program. The State engaged CSG to take on this critical function. The CSG QA team developed and executed comprehensive QA processes and controls that helped assure that the project produced high-quality deliverables and achieved its core objectives within tight budgetary and schedule limitations. Our team also provided ongoing risk assessments and mitigation strategies to senior DHS executives.

The people of Oregon are making a large investment in human services modernization. CSG is helping to assure the DHS programs meet the needs of the people who depend on them.

Federal Funding for the Illinois HHS Enterprise Framework


The Illinois Healthcare and Human Services Framework is a multi-agency collaborative that coordinates the use of technology and shared data across Illinois’ more than 60 federally-funded healthcare and human services programs. In 2013, after CMS announced a 90% federal Medicaid matching rate for eligibility and enrollment systems modernization, Illinois launched an initiative to develop an enterprise-wide Advanced Planning Document (APD) to obtain enhanced funding for the Framework planning project.

Writing Enterprise APDs that Maximize FFP

Illinois selected CSG to build an enterprise-wide business case for enhanced federal funding for the Framework planning efforts. CSG assessed the entire HHS enterprise, reviewing and linking current program APDs and funding, identifying relationships, streamlining related processes, and validating cost allocations. CSG combined these findings to develop an updated Enterprise Planning APD for the Framework, outlining the benefits and efficiencies the Medicaid program gains through interoperable HHS programs. CSG also facilitated meetings with CMS, ACF, and FNS to review the State’s enterprise APD submission, and supported Illinois leadership in addressing federal reviewers’ questions in order to receive the enhanced funding approval by CMS for the Framework.

With the help of CSG, Illinois was granted over $8.5 million in enhanced federal funding, all at a 90% matching rate, for the Framework planning initiative.

The Illinois Framework is committed to improving services and lowering costs to advance the health and well-being of the people of their State. CSG is here to help maximize federal funding and return on investment.