Revenue modernization reduces unnecessary burdens on taxpayers while efficiently funding public services.”

Colleen May, Principal, Revenue/Tax Practice
Colleen May


Today’s public sector landscape is characterized by tight budgets and expanding demand for public services. Effectively administering tax laws to fund vital services is a core responsibility of state government. Through revenue program modernization, states are achieving higher levels of operational efficiency and effective tax collection.

CSG'S Expertise in Action

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Revenue Program Modernization in Oregon


The Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) administers the State’s tax laws, operating and/or overseeing more than 30 revenue programs. To fulfill its central role in funding public services, DOR has established a vision toward a model of revenue administration through the strength of their people, technology, innovation, service, and collaboration. As a part of achieving this vision, DOR is undertaking a large-scale replacement of its core legacy tax systems. The system modernization is based on the implementation of an enterprise commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution.


DOR selected CSG to provide Quality Assurance and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services to help the project achieve DOR’s objectives. CSG provides independent oversight of all aspects of the project – project governance and management, requirements management, adherence to schedule and budget, technical architecture, and risk identification and mitigation.

CSG is also performing a system vulnerability assessment, code reviews, test sampling, and quality reviews of all project management and architecture documents to assure that the implementation project meets the State’s management and quality standards.

Together, DOR and CSG are working to ensure that revenue programs effectively support the needs of Oregon stakeholders, reduce unnecessary burdens on taxpayers, and efficiently support the collection of tax revenue.

Michigan's Tax Program Modernization


The Michigan Treasury Department administers the State’s tax laws, and collects taxes for more than 30 government programs. The Department strives to manage taxpayer dollars effectively and efficiently, ensure operational excellence, and drive cost savings and better government through shared services. To achieve this vision, the State is modernizing their revenue/tax program.


Michigan Treasury selected CSG to provide full-service Project Management Office capabilities, including project leadership and oversight, revenue/tax expertise, process and workflow re-design, technical architecture and design, and testing and validation to support the State’s incremental modernization approach. Targeted modernization efforts include implementing a new system for Individual Income Tax (IIT), revenue sharing system payment update processes, audit system replacement, and enhancements leveraging the Governmental Liaison Data Exchange Program (GLDEP).

Together, Michigan Treasury and CSG are working to reduce unnecessary burdens on taxpayers and maximize tax collections.