Nancy Peterson, CSG REALizeSM Development Manager; Ann Fish, Practice Director, CSG Tech



CSG REALizeSM is our collection of program modernization methods, knowledge, and tools. In the CSG Centers of Excellence, program and technology experts combine research and our experience in the field to produce the CSG REALizeSM artifacts that enable our project teams to consistently deliver the highest quality services.

CSG REALize(SM) mobile

CSG REALizeSM Maturity Models and Best Practices

CSG REALizeSM Functional and Technical Maturity Models structure and inform the development of public sector program modernization strategies. The models, derived from the research and experience of the CSG Centers of Excellence, are valuable guides for gaining consensus on program goals and objectives, and for documenting the business requirements for new systems.

CSG REALizeSM also provides straightforward guides to best practices, program-specific dictionaries, handbooks for conducting system and operational assessments, and many other high-value models, guides, and other artifacts.

Customized CSG REALizeSM Project Roadmaps

On every CSG project, CSG REALizeSM provides a customized, value-added Roadmap, accessible through a web-based team collaboration site. The Roadmap is synchronized with the project work plan and provides the entire CSG Team with valuable proprietary and other industry-standard tools, handbooks, and research along with straightforward descriptions of all project activities.

CSG REALizeSM Tools: “Powered by TeamCSG SM

CSG REALizeSM contains automated tools that support and promote high-quality program modernization efforts. These tools are accessed through a secure, standard TeamCSGSM collaboration site customized and deployed for each client project.

TeamCSGSM Project Tracker

TeamCSGSM Project Tracker is an easy-to-use project management support tool that provides powerful tracking and reporting capabilities for controlling scope, issues, risks, and changes throughout the project life cycle.

TeamCSGSM Tracer

TeamCSGSM Tracer provides flexible, configurable traceability and reporting throughout the system planning and development life cycle. It traces functional and technical program requirements to use cases, process flows, data models, detail specs, test cases, and other entities and artifacts. TeamCSGSM Tracer also provides a full-featured requirements management repository. Customized versions of TeamCSGSM Tracer, containing baseline system requirements and other entities and artifacts, provide a unique ability to jumpstart modernization efforts within CSG’s Healthcare, Human Services, and Unemployment Insurance practices.

TeamCSGSM Risk Assessment Models

TeamCSGSM Risk Assessment Models are flexible, value-added tools for assessing project risks from four different perspectives: Project Management, IT Infrastructure, Software Development Life Cycle, and MMIS Operational readiness. Each model contains a baseline of potential risk areas that have been identified through our work in the field on various program modernization projects. For each risk area, attributes are described and potential mitigation strategies identified, tracked, and analyzed.

In the CSG Centers of Excellence, CSG REALizeSM artifacts are continuously launched and improved. Teams of program and technical experts apply their experience and lessons learned to ensure that CSG REALizeSM provides maximum added value to our clients and solution delivery teams.