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Jeff Eckert, Practice Director, Child Support
Jeff Eckert

Child Support

It’s important that your child support program uses resources efficiently to implement high-impact solutions that support your mission. CSG helps you maximize your child support capabilities using program modernization strategies based on best practices and practical experience.

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Child Support Modernization in Oregon


The Oregon Child Support Program is a partnership between the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) and county District Attorneys' Offices to enhance the well-being of children by providing child support services to families. In order to improve program efficiency and meet the needs of the people who depend on these services, DOJ is implementing a “hybrid” modernization solution for its Child Support System Project, blending components and best practices from systems in California, Michigan, and New Jersey.


Oregon selected CSG to provide independent Quality Assurance (QA) services to support the successful implementation of their Child Support System Project. CSG developed a comprehensive Quality Management Plan, conducted vendor and system transfer quality control reviews, and provides ongoing quality assessment and evaluation reporting on project activities. CSG uses its proven TeamCSG℠ QA tools to provide in-depth risk assessment and testing services throughout the implementation.

Oregon is committed to making sure every child receives the financial support they deserve. CSG is here to help build the systems that support that mission.

Illinois' Child Support Modernization


The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) administers the State’s child support program, providing services to over 500,000 families. To more effectively provide these services, HFS has launched a project to modernize its statewide Child Support Information System.

Strategy by CSG SM

HFS selected CSG to guide this critical strategic planning initiative. CSG analyzed the existing systems and business processes, leveraging our innovative TeamCSG℠ Child Support Maturity Model to identify targeted modernization objectives for the program. We also conducted a system Feasibility Study and formal Cost Benefit Analysis aligned with the Office of Child Support Enforcement requirements.

The resulting comprehensive modernization plan supports HFS’ goals of improving service access and delivery, coordinating programs, increasing operational efficiency, ensuring program integrity, and enhancing data-based decision making.

Together, CSG and HFS are working to ensure Illinois provides the most effective and efficient child support services to the children and families who depend on them.

Illinois Court Order Interface Project


An important component of Illinois’ Child Support Modernization Plan is the Court Order Interface project, a collaboration between the Illinois Division of Child Support Services and local County Circuit Clerks to electronically exchange court order data. The State is using the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), a standards-based approach to exchanging information, to streamline the electronic exchange of court order data.

CSG Provides NIEM Expertise

CSG is providing project management and information exchange expertise to help Illinois increase interoperability between state and county governments, improve accuracy of court order data, safeguard personal information, and increase the speed and timeliness of child support collections and disbursements.

Illinois is leading the nation as one of the first states with independent court case management systems to attempt such a modernization. This project increases communication and partnership between the courts and child support and serves as the foundation for future data exchanges.

Illinois is dedicated to improving outcomes for families in the State who depend on timely execution of child support orders. CSG is here to help meet this goal.

Maryland Child Support Program Modernization


The Maryland Department of Human Resources, Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) serves over 220,000 families through 24 county programs. In order to provide the highest quality services for Maryland families and continue to increase performance on federal indicators for additional funding, CSEA launched a modernization effort focused on program performance and efficiency.

CSG’s Business Process Reengineering for Performance Improvement

CSEA engaged CSG to provide business process reengineering focusing on performance improvement. Applying child support expertise and industry best practices, CSG assisted CSEA in developing and implementing a Business Process Reengineering Plan to streamline workflows and processes. The CSG team also implemented a Performance Improvement Plan, which increased CSEA’s performance on federal indicators in targeted areas.

The State of Maryland is committed to providing efficient, high-impact child support services to the children and families who depend on them. CSG is there to help.