Health Insurance Marketplace

Building a strong marketplace requires effectively bringing together stakeholders and participants.”

Stephanie Hanko, Senior Principal, Healthcare and Human Services Practice
Stephanie Hanko

Health Insurance Marketplace

The requirements and timelines for the health insurance marketplace are ambitious. CSG provides the program, policy, technology, and management expertise that is essential to successfully implement your marketplace solution.

CSG'S Expertise in Action

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The Iowa Marketplace: A State Partnership Model

Des Moines
Des Moines

As the State of Iowa moves forward with their health insurance marketplace, they have chosen a Plan Management State Partnership model. They are also implementing a Premium Assistance Waiver for their Medicaid expansion population - one of two states pioneering this innovative approach. The State selected CSG to help with these complex efforts.

CSG Helps to Get it Done

CSG is working with the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise and the Iowa Insurance Division to manage the implementation of their Plan Management State Partnership. We have established a Project Management Office (PMO); conducted background research; facilitated planning, requirements, and design sessions; and prepared for federal Establishment Reviews and the State’s blueprint application. CSG also provides RFP development and procurement support and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services.

Iowa is pursuing a vision to improve access to health insurance for all Iowans. CSG is there to help achieve that goal.

The Rhode Island Unified Health Infrastructure Project


Rhode Island’s Unified Health Infrastructure Project (UHIP) is a multi-phased effort, developing an integrated technology platform across healthcare and human services programs. UHIP is a collaboration of five Rhode Island government agencies with a vision for a single technology solution that simplifies enrollment for individuals and families eligible for Medicaid/CHIP, SNAP, TANF, and commercial-based healthcare plans. The project includes implementation of an ACA-compliant health benefits exchange solution.


Rhode Island selected CSG to provide comprehensive Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services for the design, implementation, and operation of the UHIP technology platform. The CSG team conducts proactive project health and risk assessments encompassing the full system development life cycle. Our assessments identify project risks and opportunities to implement best practices. We develop risk mitigation strategies, alternative approaches, and recommendations for improving project performance.

CSG is also leading the State’s user acceptance testing to validate that the system complies with federally-mandated requirements. In addition, we provide independent security assessments and system audits.

Rhode Island is pursuing a vision to improve access to healthcare and human services programs. CSG is there to help achieve that goal.