Government agencies look to CSG to help
them modernize complex programs.”

John Walsworth, CEO
John Walsworth
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CSG provides comprehensive services for modernizing government healthcare programs.

  • Medicaid Modernization

    Medicaid Modernization

    A comprehensive approach to program and MMIS modernization is critical to the success and sustainability of the Medicaid enterprise. Drawing on the expertise and experience of CSG can help you maximize the return on your investment in Medicaid modernization.

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  • MITA


    Your MITA State Self-Assessment is the first step in modernizing your Medicaid program and maximizing your federal funding. CSG developed the MITA Framework 3.0 with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Our experts have unequalled knowledge of what’s needed for your new MITA 3.0 SS-A.

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  • Integrated Eligibility

    Integrated Eligibility

    Developing eligibility solutions that cross organizational boundaries and technology infrastructures is challenging. CSG helps you craft effective strategies and coordinated plans for your integrated eligibility initiatives. We also provide comprehensive project assurance services so that your plans are successfully implemented.

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  • Health Insurance Marketplace

    Health Insurance Marketplace

    The requirements and timelines for the Health Insurance Marketplace are ambitious. CSG provides the program, policy, technology, and management expertise that is essential to successfully implement your marketplace solution.

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  • Enterprise HHS Architecture

    Enterprise HHS Architecture

    More families and children are in need of aid from multiple programs – adding to the complexity of delivering services. CSG helps you implement an enterprise HHS architecture that creates a governance structure and shared business, cultural, and technical environments for integrating multiple silos.

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    New healthcare laws, policies, and standards are driving major changes to health information systems and processes. CSG provides the expertise you need to implement health information technology that achieves your program objectives.

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